About the Brand

‘Cheeka’ means the colostrum of a cow. Colostrum is the first milking and only the first milking post-calving. It contains high levels of solids with high amounts of energy, bioactive proteins, antibodies, hormones, vitamins, and minerals as well as free and conjugated oligosaccharides. Cheeka is 100% natural and healthy. Hence, we named our brand after it – ‘Cheeka Dairy‘.

About Cheeka Dairy

At Cheeka Dairy, we provide 100% preservative-free Premium Gir Cow A2 Milk to your doorstep daily. Cheeka Dairy is committed towards higher standards of quality, freshness and transparency.

Process and Quality

We follow ethical practices and maintain the highest standards of purity in the processing and packaging of our products including milk, ghee and paneer.

Cheeka Dairy Gir Cow Milk

Pure Gir Cow Breed

We ensure that our partner farm maintains a single breed of cows at their farm. We never mix milk of several breeds. The best practices are followed by every partner farm and we regularly check that. All cows at the farm are grazed in the open field with grass, leaves, and herbs daily.

Milking & Packaging

Cows are milked hygienically with hands every morning. We chill as quickly as possible within 1 to 2 hours to 2-4°C. This helps to avoid bacterial growth and maintain freshness. At 2-4°C, we start packing and storing in cold rooms at 2°C.

No Hormones & Chemicals

We believe in providing 100% pure milk. None of the Gir Cows are given Oxytocin shots, nor are any preservatives added to any of our products. Samples of the milk are checked daily for any trace of pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals and toxins every day.

Delivery by 7 AM

Fresh a2 milk is delivered to customers every day by 7 am to their doorstep through our own delivery partners within a few hours of milking. We maintain a strict cold chain to maintain freshness.

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